Yes, We Will Give You Notes on Your Script

And now, a quick word from Script Doctor Joey… (Who? Read this.)

You may have noticed Script Doctor Eric’s (Hey, that’s me!) last post was from 2015, so I often receive emails asking if we’re still here and still providing notes.

Yes! We are! Script Doctor Eric has indefinitely turned the reigns over to me (Script Doctor Joey) and he was a much better at updating the website than I am.

I am ready to read your query letters and scripts: features, pilots, shorts, specs. I worked in development for both features and television so I’ve read hundreds (maybe thousands at this point) of scripts in all genres and formats.

And if what you’re looking for is not listed in our SCREENWRITING SERVICES — please email me directly: joey at scriptdoctoreric dot com

Keep Writing!


Script Doctor Joey’s Screenplay Analysis

As you may have noticed, there has been little activity from me, Script Doctor Eric in a while. Except on Twitter, where I use my smartphone to tweet as @ScriptDrEric

Apologies for radio silence.  I’ve actually landed a full-time job and have full-time things going on in my personal life.  (For way-too-much personal information, hear more about it on a recent episode of Scriptcast – A Screenwriting Podcast  – Episode 56 – Updates)

Unfortunately, this means taking a hiatus from giving screenplay notes.

But, if you need feedback on your screenplay, don’t despair!  Instead of leaving screenwriting without any support, I’ve recruited the best screenwriter I know – Joey.

Script Doctor Joey (also known as TV Consultant Joey) writes television and feature scripts.  In fact, she’s currently working with a producer and manager to package one of her features.  Exciting stuff!

Joey has been giving coverage, notes, and analysis on scripts in the entertainment industry for over a decade.  She’s worked for producers, TV shows, actors, etc.

In fact, I get notes on all my feature screenplays from Joey BEFORE I send them to anyone else.  Seriously.  She’s really, really good.

Really.  Really good.  You guys are lucky.

If Joey didn’t have the time to give notes on feature scripts right now, this post would just be about how I’m taking a hiatus from reading scripts.

But, because she is available I know I am leaving you in good hands.

Because if you want help – serious help – on your screenplay, there is no one better than Joey.

So if you’re a new screenwriter or a screenwriter who just finished a new screenplay, just go to the Screenwriting Services Page and order Joey’s service.  I’ve taken my services off of there, as you’ll see – it’s just Joey now.

Which I trust will be fine.  In fact, pretty soon you might just be asking: “Script Doctor Eri-who?”

Seriously.  Best of luck to you all.  And…



Screenplay Notes

Update: Script Doctor Eric is currently on hiatus from giving screenplay notes.  Script Doctor Joey now gives all notes on the site.  Please read: Script Doctor Joey’s Screenplay Analysis – and then get notes from her.  Seriously.  -Eric


Are you looking for notes on your screenplay from a produced screenwriter and freelance script reader?

Great.  Head on over to Script Doctor Eric’s Screenwriting Services and get the help you need today!

Oh, you don’t think you need notes or feedback on your script?  Your screenplay is perfect because you mom and your best friend liked it?

Kidding.  But in all seriousness, screenwriting is a slightly different beast than other types of writing.  And it takes a different type of beast to give you good feedback.

What type of beast are we talking about, and when can we drop the “beast” analogy?*

To tell if your screenplay is worthy of the PDF file you converted it into, you’ll need feedback from someone who knows what they are talking about.

That is, get notes from someone who has read a lot of screenplays.

Better yet, get notes on your script from someone who is a screenwriter.

Coincidentally* Script Doctor Eric is both of those things.

He also writes in the third person when marketing his services.

But this won’t last for long.  It’s really too tiring…

So, if you’d like my** analysis of what works, what doesn’t work, and how to make your screenplay better, check out my Screenwriting Services.

If not, I really, really hope you get someone to look at your work who knows what they are talking about.

Because I’ve read far too many screenplays where the writer obviously hasn’t gotten good feedback.

And I would rather not read any more like that.

Best of luck, and..



* This is not a coincidence.  You see, I wrote those sentences before KNOWING I was talking about myself.  No.  Really.  🙂

** Told you it wouldn’t last.

Support “Laps – Season 2”

Some might say this web series picked for this week’s Support Something Sunday runs circles around other Kickstarter projects.

Others might say it has a leg up on them.

And still others might say…okay, that’s enough.

For today’s Support Something Sunday, the web series I’ve chosen to support is “Laps,” by Chad Diez.

The series is beginning its second season.  I just learned about it through one of my former (and future?) clients, whose name may or may not be Chad Diez.

Though I didn’t catch much of the first season, it’s been fun catching up on past episodes.  And the new season looks bigger and better.  Check it out:

Chad is really professional, and great at getting press for his work.  The series seems to be improving as it goes along, and the main character has actually lost weight from all the running he has had to do while filming.


So kick in a few bucks and be a part of the web series Laps – Season 2.

Or sponsor another project.  Maybe something green.  Because it’s not only Support Something Sunday, it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

Of course, you already knew that.

But it just dawned on me.

Because I’m actually writing this post a few days before.

Seriously.  And…



Do you have a short, feature, or web series you’d like help raising money for on Kickstarter or Indiegogo? Drop me the link through MY CONTACT PAGE and I”ll check it out…and you just might be featured on the next Support Something Sunday!